Markets Display

Customized markets display for web and TV with delayed or real-time markets data, commodity or currencies. We can source data from multiple sources and present the market movement on a web page or for TV display. See demo.


MT4 FIX Adaptor

With our expertise on FIX protocol implementation, we helped a client connect their MetaQuotes' MetaTrader 4 trading platform to FIX liquidity providers. Bringing both real-time market data and order routing to a robust MT 4 server.


RET Mobile

Our latest solution for mobile corporate FX trading. RET Mobile allows users to trade FX on Thomson Reuters RET-AD platform. Apps are available for both iPad and Android. Demo app is available upon request. Just email us. Learn more about RET Mobile here.


Heatmap Data Visualization

Getting real-time market spot gold, silver and Thai bath prices and render them in color map. The heatmap is written in pure HTML5, JavaScript and it's embeddable. See it live at


DBS Asia: Market Data Web Widgets

Partnered with Thomson Reuters, DevCartel has delivered web-enabled market data widgets which display latest snapshots of markets on new DBS Asia Treasury websites through out Asia. Powered by Thomson Reuters' Internet Suite, we had crafted robust Ajax-based web clients and made data rendered on DBS web sites -- viewable on both desktop and mobile devices. See demo in our lab or see it live at


TRKDFX: FX Web Streaming

In cooperation with Thomson Reuters TRKD Solutions team, we come up with an app demonstrating a real-time forex rates streaming web page using TRKD API to extract data and pure JavaScript to represent it. TRKD delivers market, advisory, fundamental, corporate data, charts a web services API. We build this proof-of-concept to show a practical usage of TRKD purely built with web technology. And don't forget to view the demo page in your iPad -- it just works. See our real-time demo.


FX Historical Charts

Built with our own PyRFA, we help a client to store daily FX data into a high-performance in-memory database. Displaying historical data graph in a web display requires a very fast data store. So we turned to Redis - an advanced key-value cache and store - for this purpose. The result is impressive. Thousands of data points are retrieved for web display efficiently. See demo.


BigSpy: News Sentiment

In the sea of information, the question is how do we know which bit of information does matter. Our application can retrive real-time news headlines and submit them to ViralHeat for scoring and display news on a web site. The bigger the font the more impact it has on the market. Font size is adjusted according to the sentiment web service. This proof of concept changes the way we read news influx forever. See demo.


We ❤ Market Data Visualization

Take a new way of digesting your market data. Data can be interpreted in such a way that it gives the user important aspects it represents. This enables users to quickly understand data and adapt to the market volatility. We can build an application that subscribes to market data from relevant data feeds, visualize it and embed the graphic in a web site. Now you have to decide how big the screen you want.