DevCartel is helping professionals in financial services industry engage in markets, access market data and make informed decision. With the best tools in hands, we believe that we will be in a better position to design, implement, deploy and effectively deliver any mission critical solutions so your business can smoothly sail on a vast ocean of information. Our simplified APIs are our essential  platform for building reliable applications.

Market Data

With our extensive experience, below is samples of data feeds that we can assist but not limited to:

Thomson Reuters
Enterprise Platform for Real-time (TREP-RT, RMDS), Data Feed Direct (RDFD), Knowledge Direct (TRKD), Datascope Select (DSS)

Market data adaptor for quotes and market prices

Local Market Data Providers
IDC, BondWeb

Aggregated order books or blended order books


Solutions for Exchanges or liquidity providers connection.

FIX Implementation
Customized FIX adaptor development.

Trading Application
Mobile trading, order placement, reporting, order routing.

Liquidity Provider Connection
Connect to various trading venue, broker and LPs.

Limit Order Book
Order matching system (OMS) for limit, market orders.

Data Consultancy

Financial markets comprise of the most sophisticated set of data in the world. We understand the challenge of data content integration.

Market Price/Order Book
Order ranking, best prices, dark pool.

Historical Prices
Such as time-series, intraday

VWAP, yield-curve, moving-average, OHLC, pre-market prices, quantitative analysis.

News sentiment, scoring

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