RET API is a web service that enables web API access to your Thomson Reuters RET-AD platform using Socket.IO protocol and WebSocket transport. It allows developers to create modern apps for your RET-AD on every platform, browser or device using your preferred programming language. User can send a JSON message to RET API web service to login to RET-AD with native credentials, for example:

<script src='//'></script>
... socket = io.connect("wss://"); socket.on('message', function(data) {     var msgType = data['MsgType'];     if (msgType == 'Connected') {         console.log(data);         var request = {             MsgType: 'Logon',             ClientID: data['ClientID'],             Username: 'user',             Password: 'password'         };         socket.emit('message', request);     } else if (msgType == 'QuoteReceived') {         console.log(data);     } else if (msgType == 'SubscribeRate') {         console.log(data);     } });
// sample rate response in JSON

RET API turns your hosted Thomson Reuters ET to an accessible API web service and let your organization starts developing, integrating FX trading workflow into your business offerings.


RET API access is $49/user/month. Please contact for more information.