RET API is a web service that enables web API access to your Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters) ET/RET platform using Socket.IO protocol over secured WebSocket transport. It allows developers to create modern apps for your hosted ET/RET on every platform, browser or device using your preferred programming language.


User can send a JSON message to RET API web service in order to login with ET/RET using natively assigned credentials with:

<script src='//'></script>
... socket = io.connect("wss://"); socket.on('message', function(data) {     var msgType = data['MsgType'];     if (msgType == 'Connected') {         console.log(data);         var request = {             MsgType: 'Logon',             ClientID: data['ClientID'],             Username: 'user',             Password: 'password'         };         socket.emit('message', request);     } else if (msgType == 'QuoteReceived') {         console.log(data);     } else if (msgType == 'SubscribeRate') {         console.log(data);     } });

Message in the API is in simple JSON format. Below is a rate update from RET API:

"MsgType": "RateUpdate",
"RateIndex": "1_FX.CROSS.EUR.THB.SPOT",
"BidGoodForAmount": "#N/A",
"Ask": "37.45756",
"DealtAmount": "1000",
"Instrument": "FX.CROSS.EUR.THB.SPOT",
"ClientID": 286,
"AskGoodForAmount": "#N/A",
"ValueDate": "20181030",
"Bid": "37.38576",
"RiskAmount": "1136.35"

Essentially RET API provides your developers web API access to hosted and deployed Refinitiv ET/RET platform and let your organization starts developing, integrating FX trading workflow into your business offerings.